A Unique Multi-disciplinary Approach to Healing

Dr. Eastwood uses a unique multi disciplinary approach to healing which includes a variety of spiritual disciplines. She combines her experience in Somatic Trauma Healing, Sandplay therapy, transpersonal psychology and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help people grow and heal.

From her extensive global work and travel, Dr. Eastwood has identified the number archetypes that repeatedly surface throughout diverse communities and cultures. Dr. Eastwood is adept at the study of numbers and has integrated her understanding of numbers into her Jungian work and Sandplay therapy.

Dr. Eastwood guides you in a safe and protected setting so that you can learn to develop and trust your distinctive inner knowing. With Dr. Eastwood, you can gain more insight into the sacred life process and come back to your essence.

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Pratibha Eastwood Ph.D.