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Eastwood-Heart-Video-1aWelcome to my web site. After a lifetime of traveling on the spiritual path, I wanted to share with you some of my experiences and bring you up to date on my current projects. I am an experienced psychologist who has been in private practice in Honolulu Hawaii since 1983. Besides being a therapist, I am a writer and holistic healer specializing in meditation and Sandplay. I have written and published in English  “Nine Windows to Wholeness”  which  explores the unconscious as a language that leads you home to wholeness. Since 2008, I have been studying how to heal trauma and develop skills to relieve stress using Somatic Experiencing. I have also included information on some of my recent projects such as my play “Aging Is Not for Sissies” and future projects including my  “Memoirs”.

Please stay tuned for more exciting information.

Aloha, Dr. Pratibha Eastwood