Nine Windows to Wholeness

nine windows to wholeness

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Nine Windows to Wholeness is an exploration of the unconscious mind seen through the perspective of mathematics, mythology, art, religion, chemistry and physics. The book uses case studies in sandplay therapy to focus on numbers and show how they are one of the basic archetypes that give meaning to our life experience.

The book provides nine perspectives as a way to order and simplify the vast material presented by the unconscious. Nine Windows to Wholeness provides the reader with a new reference in which to explore their own dreams, creativity, emotions, and everyday life.

Dr. Pratibha Eastwood brings together years of experience as therapist and incorporates diverse cultural understandings about the power of numbers and their relationship to the human psyche. Nine Windows to Wholeness has been translated to Russian and Korean. If you are interested in translating Nine Windows to Wholeness you can click on the link for the contract.

Here’s what people are saying about Nine Windows to Wholeness:

“Nine Windows to Wholeness is an excellent book for clinicians or anyone interested in how numbers & symbols relate to the unconscious. It is easy to read and relate to, with interesting sandplay case examples from Dr. Eastwood’s practice. A must have book for people interested in sandplay therapy.” Julia Freeman

Wonderful book. Easy and very comprehensible reading. The author goes through many different views of numbers, symbology and how they might show as archetypes on sand trays expressing exactly the evolution path the person is going through at the moment related to the archetypal number. Paula Rodrigues Navarro

“This book is a must for anyone interested in symbolism, numbers and the unconscious.” The Sausalito Mermaid

The main Gods of the Mayan were all named after numbers.

The main Gods of the Mayan were all named after numbers.

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A course based on Nine Windows to Wholeness is available online at Professionals can qualify for continuing education units in psychology, play therapy and mental health. The course provides 15 hours of continuing education units. Exams are processed interactively and qualified by the Behavioral Board of Sciences.

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Nine Windows to Wholeness is available on Kindle from Please note that the hardcover is out of print and is NOT available on Amazon any longer.