Jungian Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay2Dr. Eastwood studied sandplay therapy and taught at the Jung Institute in Switzerland. The institute, which is located in Zurich, was founded by Dr. Jung in 1948 to provide training and SandPlay1conduct research in Analytical Psychology and psychotherapy. Sandplay is used to develop an understanding of conscious and unconscious psychic processes. In sandplay people select from a vast number of images and symbols to build a representation of their inner feelings. This “snapshot” of the unconscious is interpreted by the psychologist. “The purpose and aim of working with the unconscious is to get in touch with the soul and with one’s individual creative possibilities. On this basis, Jungian psychology and psychotherapy touches upon questions of meaning and of spirituality.” After working with substance abuse and domestic violence victims, Dr. Eastwood realized how profoundly the power of the psyche is revealed in Sandplay therapy and started her training in 1987. Dr. Eastwood’s objective was to find a nonverbal media for children and adults that could heal the spirit and nourish the soul. In 1995 Dr. Eastwood attained her diploma as a Sandplay therapy teacher and supervisor. In 2019, Dr. Eastwood donated her entire collection of Sandplay Miniatures to Israel psychological services for the border towns by the GAZA Strip where children have been going to school in bunkers due to ongoing missile attacks.