Aging is Not for Sissies – Revisited With Men & Music


Aging is Not for Sissies - Revisited with Men & Music

Aging Is Not For Sissies

This touching and funny performance, based on intimate cross-cultural stories of women and men from around the world aged 60 to 100, challenging the myth that older adults are “over the hill with one foot in the grave.”  In self-revealing monologues, the characters bare all, contradicting the view that older adults are invisible, untouchable and boring.  Through their stories and songs, we meet real men and women with a sense of humor and a deep passion for life.


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 The original performance of “Aging Is Not for Sissies” was a humorous and poignant exploration of the lives of aging, single women. The play was based on actual interviews of women ranging from their early 60’s to their late 90’s and was performed by an ensemble of actresses with an affinity for the subject.

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“Aging Is Not for Sissies” dealt with the hopes and fears of these aging women and covered the nuances of death and dying, sex, mature children, life in a elder care home and loss of friends and family. The inspiration for Dr. Eastwood to write this play came from the desire to counteract the many cultural myths about aging single women. “Aging Is Not for Sissies” has been performed throughout the United States and in San Miguel Allende to rave reviews.

Pratibha1“It’s uplifting and hits the nail on the head! This should be shown to every retirement home.” Marion Vaught 90 years old


The goal of the play was to transform the way we think about and view aging. Everyone grows old and has to deal with the fact that aging changes us physically. It impacts who we are, what we do and how we interact with ourselves, our family, our friends and society at large. If we are fortunate enough to grow old, we want to share the thoughts and feelings of those who are there now. “Aging Is Not for Sissies” showed us how to accept aging and gain strength and courage from this lively, fiesty and spiritually evolved group of woman.

If you are interested in performing the play click here to license a script. Please enjoy a short video of the play below.


We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress.
- Will Rogers –